How to Request Support

If you are having trouble with Northern Seminary technology, please contact the IT Helpdesk either by email or phone at 844-560-5979.

When emailing, please include a descriptive subject line (ex. Help with Moodle, or Email Issue) and include a complete description of your problem.  An IT support person will respond as soon as possible to your help request. If you have updates to your help request, please reference the ticket number.

IT Support Hours

Support is available by email and phone Monday through Friday between 8AM-5PM. Face-to-face support is available by walk-in or appointment on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday from 3PM to 7PM in the Help Desk office located in the lower level.

Microsoft Office Support

Instructions on installing Microsoft Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find help if I am having trouble with Northern Seminary technology?

If you are having trouble with Northern Seminary technology, please follow the directions above to contact the IT Helpdesk.

What is my student login information?

When you were first admitted to Northern Seminary you received an email with all of your login information. If you have lost that information, please submit a help request to the Helpdesk using the format above and they will help you retrieve that information.

What is my student login information used for?

Your student login information is used for all electronic access at Northern Seminary. This includes the Student Portal, Moodle (Online Classes), Student Email, campus wifi, and campus computers.

Can I share my username and password with others?

Please do not share your username or password with others as they will have full access to any system that you have access to. This is for your own protection.

How do I connect to Northern Seminary campus wifi?

Northern Seminary supplies wifi access in all of its educational buildings. Our wifi system will require you to login 4 times a year (every 3 months) on each device that you connect to the network. The network is “NorthernSeminary” and the password is written on a white board in most classrooms.

Where can I find help on using my Northern Seminary student email?

Click here to find help for your Northern Seminary student email.

Am I able to forward my school emails to another account?

Click here for instructions and a video on forwarding your student email.

How much will I be charged for copies?

Each student receives 100 printouts/copies each regular term for the computer lab or the library. Copies over 100 are billed at 5 cents. In Summer Term, all copies are billed at  5 cents each.