Jesus and the Other Bridge Illustration

Does your understanding of salvation makes sense of the entirety of Jesus’ life? Does your theory of the atonement integrate every part of Jesus’ life, his life, his death, his resurrection? Or do we tilt toward just Jesus’ death?

imagesFitch and Holsclaw talk about a popular way of explaining salvation (the Bridge Illustration) and ask if it needs to be changed. Tune in if you wonder about how to connect Jesus’ death with his life, and how Penal Substitution fits with Christus Victor.

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Fitch and Holsclaw are excited about Live Streaming Seminary from Northern Seminary. Engage in a vibrant classroom experience and dialogue with our premier professors from anywhere in the world. Location is no longer an obstacle to quality theological education!

Smart classroom technology enables you to interact with faculty and students in real time. Now you can earn a Masters degree with a cohort of learners without leaving your faith community.

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Tools of Engagement: Church, Incarnation, Exile ~ with Michael Frost
This is the Inaugural “Theology and Mission” Lectureship.
June 17th, 2016, Lombard (Chicago), IL

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