World Evangelicalism: A Future for the West?

Maybe the most important episode to date!

Once evangelicals were on the frontline of social issues. Now the often take a backseat. What happened? And more importantly, from where might a renew of evangelicalism come?

This episode of Theology on Mission offers an exclusive report with Thich Troung from the Lausanne Young Leaders Gathering as part of a larger conversation about looking to world evangelicalism as a corrective to American evangelicalism.  In the previous episode Geoff announced that all of us, even Billy Graham and Christianity Today, were not true evangelicals but were still recovering from a fundamentalist hangover. This episode fills that out and points a way forward.

David Fitch and Geoff Holsclaw discuss the classic evangelicalism of the past (before the onset of fundamentalism) and look to the Lausanne Movement for inspiration (resources below).



theologygonebadOur #TheologyGoneBad contest began last week and we announce the first round of those qualifying for the monthly and grand prize.

This next week’s #TheologyGoneBad theme will be about “Leadership”.  All the rules and how to enter are here.


Resources for classical and world evangelicalism:

The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity ~ Philip Jenkins
Whose Religion is Christianity? The Gospel Beyond the West ~ Lamin Sanneh
The Global Diffusion of Evangelicalism ~ Brian Stanley
Introduction to World Christian History ~ Derek Cooper
Rediscovering an Evangelical HeritageDonald Dayton
Lausanne Movement
What American Evangelicals Miss ~ MaryKate Morse
On Being on the Wrong Side of History ~ David Fitch
The Scandal of the Evangelical Memory ~ Geoff Holsclaw

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