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In our hyper-connected world are we more likely to merely talk than walk? To “like” than live? Do we feel we have accomplished something online when in the real world perhaps we have only added to all the problems?

In “Slackivism and Mission” David Fitch and Geoff Holsclaw talk about the place of social media and long-distance funding within a life of mission.

“Does our social media involvement enhance our mission or expand existing antagonisms?” That is the question.

Halfway through Geoff wonders whether, like absentee parents, “we, in the minority West, give money because we lack the intention to have relationships with the rest of the world?”

As usual, don’t miss the”Fitch vs Fitch” (21:33) and “What ya reading?” (23:43) at the end. Books mentioned there are For All The Saints: A Prayer Book for and by the Church, and Prophecy Deliverance by Cornel West.

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