Technology & Theology: Church & Culture in the Age of Zoom

Can the church be the church on Zoom? How does artificial intelligence affect our theology? How do we preach about technology?  This four-part series is for ministry practitioners to form a foundational framework for analyzing human technologies with a theological lens and practical questions and applications for leading Christians in a digital culture.

Join the cohosts of Device & Virtue Podcast, Adam Graber & Chris Ridgeway, for this 4-week course. 

Oct 29 & Nov 5th, 12th, 19th
7-9pm CT 

Upon completion participants will receive an endorsement (Continuing Education Unit) in Technology & Theology from the Grow Center for Church & Mission, Northern Seminary.

  • Free to current students, not seeking academic credit (0 credit hours)
  • Current students seeking academic credit will be charged at their current tuition rate
  • $39 for alumni
  • $109  for the general public.




Adam Graber
MA Digital Theology, BA Psychology

Adam Graber is a director at FaithTech and co-host of the podcast Device & Virtue. He’s written for Christianity Today, The Bulwark, Relevant, Christ and Pop Culture and othersHe’s been interviewed by the New York Times and been a guest on multiple podcasts. He worked in Bible publishing for over a decade and still gets Netflix DVDs by mail.



Chris Ridgeway
MA Theology, BA Economics

Chris Ridgeway is the co-host of the Device & Virtue podcast and writes and speaks at the intersection of technology and theology. His 2018 cover story for Christianity Today magazine proposed a Christian response on digital privacy; other articles include “Online Communion can be Sacramental” and “How (Not) To Preach about Technology.” He was the moderator of the Veritas Forum at Northwestern University— “Exploring Humanity’s Relationship to A.I.” Chris’s experience includes Microsoft-certified consulting, pastoral ministry, executive leadership for Christian non-profits, and academic research for biblical scholar Scot McKnight.

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Session 1

1A. Introduction to Theology & Technology
Overview and introduction to the impact of digital culture.
1B. Cultural Exegesis: How to Examine any Technology
iPhones aren’t in the Bible. Approaches to applying the unchanging Word to the digital World, and key questions.

Session 2

2A. History of Communications Technology & the People of God
From the alphabet to the telegraph to TV:  how communication technologies have changed culture, the church, and the use of scripture.
2B. Big Idea Case Study: A.I. Evangelism Chatbots
Can a bot share the gospel?

Session 3

3A. Approaches to Technology & Faith
Understand the key schools of thought and important authors in the integration of faith and technology.
3B. Big Idea Case Study: The Church on Facebook
Are we true or false on social media?  Ecclesiology, identity, and spiritual formation.

Session 4

4A.  Theology and Technology Integration: Contemporary Issues in Tech
Privacy, family screen-time, access & justice, church tracking software and current topics that affect pastoral care.
4B.  Big Idea Case Study: The Eucharist on Zoom
Can you host the table when a pandemic has barred us from sitting together? Sacraments, presence & digital church.


Questions? General public contact Andrea Pingel at

Students and alumni contact Linda Owens at


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