The First Ever “Theology on Mission” Podcast

By: Northern Seminary

Pastors and Professors David Fitch and Geoff Holsclaw sat down and hammered out their first “Theology on Mission” podcast (be nice, they’re still learning). This is a podcast for pastors, students, leaders, and anyone interested in the God’s mission in the world.

They aren’t talking about “Theology” andMission” as if these are two different things that need to be related. Rather, when you have done theology well then you have already begun mission, and when you are engaging in mission then you have already begun with theology.

In this first episode, Fitch and Holsclaw talk about the terrible divide between theologians and pastors, between academic theology and pragmatic pastoring (and they’ve added a little bit called “Fitch Facebook” where Dave has to discuss all the provocative stuff he launches out).

So join them at a table, or take them around town for a listen, and then jump over to the Theology on Mission Facebook page and fill in the statement, “You might be a pastor-theologian if…” (serious and fun answers welcome).

You can subscribe to “Theology on Mission” through iTunes, your favorite apps (Podcast RSS Feed), or go straight to Soundcloud.

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May 29, 2015

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