The Four Resource Challenges in an Urban Ministry Context

By: Northern Seminary

By Dr. Gerald M Dew,
Director of the Southside Center for Urban Leadership
Affiliate Professor of Ministry and Leadership


Just like the communities in which we minister, urban churches are often times challenges for resources.  Four specific resources need to be named, understood, and tended to so they won’t hold you back.

  1. Human Resources – Competent Leaders. The union of zeal with knowledge is a beautiful thing in key areas of leadership. But more often than not, churches are faced with people that have zeal without knowledge. One great leadership challenge is helping a person maintain their zeal while they obtain knowledge.
  2. Financial Resources. Spiritual ministry requires physical preparation.  And physical preparation costs money. Ministries who serve in under resourced communities are challenged to develop entrepreneurial non-traditional income and support streams that support spiritual ministry.
  3. Facility Resources. All too often space is the determining factor of what ministry programs can be offered. Finding and or creating space is another challenge that must be creatively engaged in urban ministry.
  4. Spiritual Gift/s Resources. Generally speaking there are many church members who have little or no awareness of the spiritual gift/s they possess. It is challenging to help members discover, develop and deploy their gifts into the various areas of a church’s ministry and mission.

What are the challenges you face

But here’s some GOOD NEWS!

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June 12, 2017

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