Theological Jenga: The Word Blocks of Mission

By: Geoffrey Holsclaw

“In the beginning God raised Jesus from the dead” ~Michael W. Pahl
(From Resurrection to New Creation: A First Journey in Christian Theology)

Where does theology come from?  Where is it going? How does it all fit together?

Theology is the handmaiden of mission, but too often mission becomes the prisoner of an overly propositional theology.  Theology at its best helps us tell the story of God rightly, not reconstruct the story into a joyless system.

Dr. Geoff Holsclaw and special guest Scott Jones talk about “theology” as holding together the 1) Word OF God, 2) words TO God, and 3) words ABOUT God, relating them to make a theology on mission.

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August 2, 2016

Geoffrey Holsclaw

Affiliate Professor of Theology

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