There’s Room In The COHORT for You

By: Northern Seminary

By Dr. Gerald M Dew,
Director of the Southside Center for Urban Leadership
Affiliate Professor of Ministry and Leadership


The Master of Arts in Urban Leadership degree program starts Monday, September 25, 2017. This program is a COHORT based program.
There’s room in the COHORT of you.

C Community: this cohort will place you in community where you will receive support, encouragement, and motivation towards realizing your full potential.

O Opportunity: this cohort will provide you with opportunities to engage with others who are serious about ministry and establishing partnerships for effective impactful ministry.

HHigher Learning: this cohort will provide you with an academic atmosphere and an experienced faculty that will lift your learning to the highest possible levels.

OObservation: this cohort will equip you to master the art of learning through total sensory engaged observation.

RResearch: this cohort will equip you to utilize the most advanced and cutting edge research methods to diagnose the conditions of secular and sacred social groups and to prescribe the appropriate biblical remedy.

TTransformation: this cohort will encourage your personal transformation into a master in urban leadership as well as equip you to transform your cultural context and community in positive ways.


Here’s the exciting thing, there is room in the COHORT for you. Apply NOW!!! Time is running out.

Find more information about the Master of Arts in Urban Leadership Here.

July 17, 2017

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