Getting to Know: Mike Moore

April 20, 2023

Northern Seminary, through its Master of Arts in Theology and Mission program, has partnered with The V3 Movement to provide V3 Learning Cohorts for church planters. Students who participate in two years of V3 Learning Cohorts are eligible to receive 9 credits with Northern Seminary. But who is behind these partnerships? Today we get to know Dr. Mike Moore, Director of the MA in Theology and Mission (MATM).

What do you do at Northern Seminary?

I serve as Dean of Mission Integration and direct our Theology & Mission Program.

What is your role with the MATM + V3 cohorts?

I design the program with Dave Fitch as we select topics and professors to teach our curriculum. I am the point of contact for the MATM students as they journey through the program and come on campus for intensives. During their last year I work with each student as they write their thesis.

What excites you as you think of the church on mission today?

So many things. Right now, I am excited about the multiple shapes and forms the church is taking to better engage their local culture. The shift to a “missionary posture” is allowing the church to be more nimble and Christ-like.

What is the biggest challenge facing church leaders today?

Economics. It takes time to lead a church and many congregations are struggling with money to pay staff, space, and run programs.

What motivates you to continue to push the message of ongoing learning in the context of community?

We lead in community, and if we are not learning in community, then we are missing the essence of our call.

Who are the V3 cohorts for, and why is joining one an invaluable experience for those who participate?

The cohorts are for anyone who is interested in planting churches, reinvigorating their congregation, and learning how to more faithfully make disciples. I describe the MATM +V3 partnership as the way to combine head, heart, and hands. These are all necessary components for leading the church in the way of Jesus!


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