Master of Arts in Women and Theology

Program Description

Students explore the lives and impact of women in Scripture and the Church, dive deep into questions of theology and gender, and engage the contributions and concerns of women of color. The MA in Women and Theology prepares students to lead well and faithfully meet the challenges of contemporary culture. Students apply biblically sound and theologically rigorous solutions to critical issues faced by women in their churches, communities, workplaces, and spaces of influence.

Study with professors Lynn H. Cohick, Nijay Gupta, Ingrid Faro, Beth Felker Jones, Scot McKnight, and Felecia Thompson.


Degree Requirements

This 54-credit MA program is designed to be completed in 3-4 years. This includes one weekly class held on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday, as well as a week-long intensive typically held in late-August/early September on the main campus.

*Master of Divinity students will complete these Women and Theology specialization courses as well as the other Master of Divinity requirements.

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Christian Heritage Core Courses: 27 total credits

  • Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
  • Pentateuch, Poetry and Wisdom Books
  • Historical Books and the Prophets
  • Women in the OT
  • Gospels and Acts
  • New Testament Letters and Revelation
  • Women in the NT
  • Christian Theology I
  • Christian Theology II
  • Theology and Gender
  • History of Christianity I (Early & Medieval)
  • History of Christianity II (Ref. & Modern)
  • Women in the Early Church
  • Women of Color in the Church
  • Introduction to the Black Church

Specialization Required Courses: 18 total credits

  • Women in the Early Church
  • Women in the OT
  • Women in the NT
  • Women of Color in the Church
  • Theology and Gender
  • Introduction to Bible Interpretation

Specialization Elective Courses: 15-18 total credits

  • Women in Reformation/Modern Christianity
  • Women Leadership
  • Thriving in Ministry
  • Women, Preaching, Evangelism
  • Women and Social Justice
  • Women, the Church, and the Arts
  • Women’s Studies Annual Conference
  • Sexual Ethics and the Family

Final Thesis (9 credits) OR Project (6 credits)

  • Thesis Proposal
  • Thesis Writing
  • Thesis Completion
  • Project 1
  • Project 2

Graduate Certificate

Earn an MA-level Certificate in Women and Theology in one year.
Students must take a minimum of 2 required courses and 3 elective courses from the MA in Women and Theology specialization courses.


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