Doctorate in Women, Theology, and Leadership

The DMin in Women, Theology, and Leadership, supervised by professors Lynn Cohick and Beth Felker Jones, provides a vital space in which theology and ministry come together. The DMin in Women, Theology, and Leadership affirms women in leadership and shapes them for constructive, faithful ministry in the church and world. Specialized courses expose, seek, and rectify inequities by empowering women and providing tools for transformation in their spheres of influence. 

“The study of women and theology is long overdue, and the church has been hampered in its mission as a result. Now is the time to correct misperceptions about women in the church’s history and the myths and misinterpretations of Scripture. By highlighting and focusing on the many contributions of historical Christian women of all ethnicities and races, and reflecting on the women in the Bible, we can equip women today in their leadership roles and spheres of influence.” — Dr. Lynn Cohick 



Dr. Lynn H. Cohick, Provost and Professor of New Testament, directs the Women, Theology, and Leadership program. 

 Dr. Beth Felker Jones, Professor of Theology, directs the Theology and Ministry program.  

Dr. Lynn H. Cohick 

Dr. Beth Felker Jones 


Specialized Courses 

In addition to the three DMin core courses, students take four courses (16 quarter hours) in Women, Theology, and Leadership. This program offers five specialized courses, including a study tour of Italy that examines women and the arts in the Christian church. Students choose four out of the five courses. 


DM 7320 Hermeneutics and Women of the Bible (4 quarter hours) 

This course focuses on a historical, socio-cultural, and literary examination of women in the Bible. Attention will be paid to interpretative methods used to explore the actual lives of women in the biblical periods, and theological readings focused on categories of female, male, and gender.  


DM 7310 Women in the Early Church (4 quarter hours) 

A historical overview of women’s activities in the first five centuries of the early Church, this course will address women’s participation in the intellectual, liturgical, ascetic, and monastic arenas of the emerging orthodox church and the various heterodox movements. Attention will be paid to writings about women as well as to the theological issues of men and women.  


DM 7330 Theology of the Human Body and Ministry (4 quarter hours) 

This course is a theological examination of gender and body in Christianity. Historical, literary, and feminist methods are variously employed as students explore the biblical text and theological positions and consider the dynamics between women and men in ministry contexts.  


DM 7340 Women in Leadership (4 quarter hours) 

This course offers practical skills in decision-making, strategic planning, and vision casting for leaders. The course explores various biblical models of leadership, and how to address the specific challenges women leaders face today.  


DM 7350 Study Tour in Italy: Women, The Church, and the Arts (4 quarter hours) 

A trip of a lifetime to Italy for a study of the spiritual practice of the medieval church and the art that supported its worship, with special attention to the role and influence of women such as Catherine of Siena. Special focus is paid to writings by women as well as to theological issues around how men and women lead together. Students will have opportunities to spend time in reflection.  Study tour offered every other year, late December to early January.  



Students can work on many possible thesis projects in completing the DMin in Women, Theology, and Leadership, including, but not limited to exploring the barriers for women in leadership roles, hurdles for divorced women, single mothers, women and global/local poverty, biblical teachings on male/female, impact of doctrines such as the Incarnation on women.  


A Note from Lynn Cohick 

“I’ve been studying women in the Bible for four decades and am passionate about encouraging women to live into their calling as fully equipped and capable disciples. I’m deeply committed to bringing rigorous biblical teaching about women in Scripture to the church, to both men and women. My hope is that as women are better prepared and confident in their biblical knowledge and theological understanding, the church will flourish, and society will benefit.” 


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. To be considered for admission, please complete the Doctorate application form along with a nonrefundable application fee. This is a highly competitive program and special consideration is given to highly motivated, talented students who have a passion for Christ’s church and who want to make a difference in their current context. 

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